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Eclectic Living Spaces is a full-service, professional organizing and interior decorating firm founded on the premise that everyone deserves beautiful and functional spaces in their home. 

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I am Sarah Nieto, a Professional Organizer, Interior Decorator, and Realtor based out of Phoenix, Arizona. I started Eclectic Living Spaces in 2019 after noticing a need for functional organization in many of the homes that I would visit as a realtor. 

I believe that when everything has a place you can focus your mental energy on the important things in life. However, I recognize there are a lot of barriers to creating this space in your home. Whether you are too busy with family and work; feel overwhelmed by all the decisions; or would rather enjoy the final space versus spending hours researching containers and bins–Eclectic Living Spaces is here to help design and create a space that is both functional AND beautiful! 

The name Eclectic Living Spaces is a nod to the eclectic décor style. Eclectic is the artful interweaving of design principles across various styles, decades, and cultures. Similar to a collage of artwork or photos. It is a way to curate and define a space with items that reflects you without making the space feel disjointed or overwhelming. It works great for both minimalists craving a pop of color or texture and for maximalists wanting to showcase their possessions. 

When I work with clients, I want them to have a finished space that they consider to be functional, beautiful, and a representation of their full self. This often means we are mixing in family heirlooms with trendy décor pieces. We are adding in the every day necessity like tissue boxes and multi-colored cleaners (which always seem to be missing in HGTV photospreads) with functional and aesthetically pleasing organizing containers. It also means we are actively listening to the client’s requests while providing professional guidance and coaching. 

I have an extended team of professional organizers and contractors which allows me to offer full service support for your entire home. I continue to develop this network and stay on top of new designs and solutions through my membership with the National Association of Professional Organizers (“NAPO”), as President of the Arizona NAPO Chapter; and as a Container Store In-Home Organizing Partner. I know how important trust is when it comes to your home, which is why I make the yearly investment to be a NAPO Verified Business so you can feel confident in your decision to work with Eclectic Living Spaces. 

A beautifully organized home is life changing, so let’s get started on creating the home of your dreams today!

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